Trading Hours & Holidays

Market holidays can significantly affect the trading schedule and the volatility of the markets. Please see below all upcoming exchange market holidays and stay up to date with all upcoming changes to the trading schedule.

Date Event Asset Status
26/11/2020 Thanksgiving USA US Shares Closed
BRENT 03:00-20:30 (early close)
COCOA Closed
COFFE Closed
SUG11 Closed
CORN Closed
WHEAT Closed
LCATT Closed
PALLAD 01:00-20:00 (early close)
COPP 01:00-20:00 (early close)
PLAT 01:00-20:00 (early close)
SP 01:00-20:00 (early close)
NSDQ 01:00-20:00 (early close)
DOW 01:00-20:00 (early close)
NK 01:00-20:00 (early close)
27/11/2020 Thanksgiving USA US Shares 16:30-20:00 (early close)
BRENT 03:00-21:00 (early close)
COCOA Regular
COFFE Regular
SUG11 Regular
CORN 16:30-20:05 (late open/early close)
WHEAT 16:30-20:05 (late open/early close)
LCATT 16:30-20:05 (early close)
PALLAD 01:00-20:45 (early close)
COPP 01:00-20:45 (early close)
PLAT 01:00-20:45 (early close)
SP 01:00-20:15 (early close)
NSDQ 01:00-20:15 (early close)
DOW 01:00-20:15 (early close)
NK 01:00-20:15 (early close)

The above schedule may be subject to change.

All other financial instruments will not be affected by the changes and will be available for trading during normal trading hours.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.